Get Perfect Eyebrow Shape that Matches Your Face


When you visit a salon in Walthamstow for a haircut, most of the professionals focus on the shape of your face. Similarly, eyebrow shaping also depends on the dimensions of your face. A perfect brow will make you look young, healthy, fresh and more attractive.

Pay attention!

For beginners, you need to focus on the shape of the face to get those eyebrows done in the perfect way. Here is a list of best eyebrow shapes that are suitable for different faces.

1. Square Face


If you have a square jaw line, prefer softly rounded brows that match well with your looks. Ensure that it is not angular and do not over pluck it. Create a rainbow shaped brows.

2. Round Face


Do you have a round face? If yes, high, thick and sharp edges will suit you the best on you. It will provide a vertical counterpoint on your face. Usually, most of the estheticians trim fuzzy or wiry ends with scissors and mold the brows to give it a particular shape. However, most experts state that trimming can make your brows thin and soft which may not look too good on someone with a round face.

3. Long Face


Generally, long faces are very rare to find and are very gorgeous. However, if you prefer making the brow flat, it would look like a cross. Therefore, you must pay attention to stretching the length of your brows from left to the right. It is a face characterized by features stretched out vertically in such a case; a horizontal element is a key to master. The tail of the brow must extend towards the corner of the eye.

4. Heart-Shape Face


It is the trickiest to arch the brows for someone with a heart-shaped face. You must take help from professional a threading salon in Walthamstow that has a team of experts to do the task. The center of attraction is the forehead area and the eye. Your eyebrow shape should be controlled and not too much bushy. Tight brow will help to balance the small chin and make you look attractive.

5. Oval Shape Face


No matter you arch the brows in thick, dark, light, thin or any other way it will suit you, there is no hard and fast rule to follow while shaping the brows of an oval face. You can play with angular arches or straight stretched lines as you have the full opportunity to try any shape on.

These are the five best eyebrow shapes to flatter your face.

Groom! Look Gorgeous!