Get Perfect Eyebrow Shape that Matches Your Face


When you visit a salon in Walthamstow for a haircut, most of the professionals focus on the shape of your face. Similarly, eyebrow shaping also depends on the dimensions of your face. A perfect brow will make you look young, healthy, fresh and more attractive.

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For beginners, you need to focus on the shape of the face to get those eyebrows done in the perfect way. Here is a list of best eyebrow shapes that are suitable for different faces.

1. Square Face


If you have a square jaw line, prefer softly rounded brows that match well with your looks. Ensure that it is not angular and do not over pluck it. Create a rainbow shaped brows.

2. Round Face


Do you have a round face? If yes, high, thick and sharp edges will suit you the best on you. It will provide a vertical counterpoint on your face. Usually, most of the estheticians trim fuzzy or wiry ends with scissors and mold the brows to give it a particular shape. However, most experts state that trimming can make your brows thin and soft which may not look too good on someone with a round face.

3. Long Face


Generally, long faces are very rare to find and are very gorgeous. However, if you prefer making the brow flat, it would look like a cross. Therefore, you must pay attention to stretching the length of your brows from left to the right. It is a face characterized by features stretched out vertically in such a case; a horizontal element is a key to master. The tail of the brow must extend towards the corner of the eye.

4. Heart-Shape Face


It is the trickiest to arch the brows for someone with a heart-shaped face. You must take help from professional a threading salon in Walthamstow that has a team of experts to do the task. The center of attraction is the forehead area and the eye. Your eyebrow shape should be controlled and not too much bushy. Tight brow will help to balance the small chin and make you look attractive.

5. Oval Shape Face


No matter you arch the brows in thick, dark, light, thin or any other way it will suit you, there is no hard and fast rule to follow while shaping the brows of an oval face. You can play with angular arches or straight stretched lines as you have the full opportunity to try any shape on.

These are the five best eyebrow shapes to flatter your face.

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5 Skincare Products That Every Woman Must Have In Her Vanity Kit


Are you overwhelmed by the beauty aisle at the stores? If yes, then your vanity kit definitely needs some sort of change or modification, which will get you a perfect glowing skin you always desired for.


No, you won’t need to run stores and drug stores to buy them, as they are simple and easy to reach, no matter where you are.

So, if you too are on a quest of a glowing skin, but not satisfied of the beauty products you already have, then look no further than these five ‘simple and easy to find’ skin care products that blissfully fit your chaotic schedule.

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  1. A Gentle Cleanser

Snoozing with makeup can block the pores, which causes premature aging and wrinkles. It is therefore important to have a gentle cleanser that can kick out that dirt, germs, and stubborn makeup out of the skin. Take a small amount on the palm and massage it on the face gently. Wash away with warm water and get soft skin instantly.


  1. Morning Moisturizer

After you have rinsed the dirt off, apply a moisturizer that can provide enough moisture to make the skin soft and supple again. Make sure it has a minimum SPF of 15 to provide protection against UV rays. If you are worried about finding the high-quality yet affordable moisturizes for yourself, then go online and search for skin care products in Walthamstow to get the best results.

  1. Elegant Eye Brightener

Chilly winter days and aging can start showing fine lines and dullness around the eyes. Make sure you have an elegant Eye Brightener that can make your eyes look fab in minutes. After using this for a while, you will not just make your eyes bright, but also free from wrinkles with a few days of usage.

  1. Soothing Lip Smoother


Do not let your lips feel dull, dry, and rough this winter. Make them soft with soothing lip smoother that contains natural ingredients like cocoa butter and Shea. Apply it daily before going to bed and get smooth and soft lips in minutes.

  1. Relaxing Face Masks

Masks can bring a great sort of relaxation and healing, if applied regularly. An herbal face mask can get you rid of acne, pimples, and other kind of infections that can otherwise destroy the skin. So, a face mask should always be there on your vanity kit for getting a glowing skin.

Skin care is an important part of your life. Make sure you follow these points on a regular basis to keep it youthful, supple, and glowing every time you step out of your home.

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Top 4 Beauty Tips to Look Gorgeous Effortlessly!


The quest for everlasting gorgeousness will never fade. Back in the days, it was simply bathing in some natural ingredients, but these days, it has become more than that. Today, it is much more than just bathing correctly! Whatever is the method, the end result is to attain striking and stunning good looks to attract everyone. Ladies today needs much more to protect their beauty from harmful sun rays and products containing chemicals.

If ever you desired to get perfect beauty tips for yourself, then you must visit the best beauty salons in London. Not just they make it an amazing experience for you, but also make sure that you look your best when you step out of their salons.

If you too want to look gorgeous and get ‘ready to impress’ looks, then here we are with some incredible tips to achieve and maintain the beauty you always desired for. Without much ado, let’s start with our tried and tested tips to make you look stunning top to bottom!

  1. Getting Gorgeous Hair Naturally: How about making your hair smooth and soft naturally? Isn’t it the healthy hair that you always desired for? Of course, every girl wishes for long and lustrous hair. So, if too want shiny, healthy hair, make sure you moisturize them regularly. Mix five essential oils including olive, almond, coconut, lavender, and castor oils together and apply on your hair twice to get healthy and nourished hair.
  1. Fill those Unattractive Gaps in Eyebrows: Gaps in the eyebrows look unattractive, especially when you have colored your hair. To match your eyebrows to your hair, you need to fill those gaps in between. Just take your eyebrow tinting kit out and mix brown and black color with 2-3 drops of eyebrow tint developer. Now, thoroughly coat your eyebrows inside out to create a desired shape. After the color has set, remove extra color from cotton and shape it again until you get the perfect eyebrows. Moreover, you can even get the perfect eyebrow tinting at the best beauty salons of
  1. Attractive Fuller Lips: Exfoliate your lips once in a week for perfect fuller lips. Rubbing sugar on the lips can clean dirt and remove dead skin, making your lips glowing. You can even rub ice cubes for relaxing and massaging to get pinkish and fuller lips.
  1. Secret to a Perfect Manicure: You know how to get a perfect French manicure? Let band aids get you a wonderful French manicure. Yes! It is the simplest trick to get your nail paint accurately. Start by taking band aids and ripping it off from the edges. Now align and stick the rounded edge of band aid on a nail, leaving only area to paint. Now paint the tip and let it dry. Repeat on all other nails to complete your manicure. You can do it for your pedicure as well.

Apart from these tips to maintain your natural beauty, you must also visit spa salon to alleviate stress from the body and mind. After all, it is important to stay fit from inside the foremost. So, go for massages and therapies available at your spa salon.

Besides sharing all these simple yet healthy tips to look stunning from top to bottom, we also believe that you need to be beautiful from inside first. No matter how you look, a good heart can attract almost everybody. So, be beautiful from inside and follow these simple tips and you are ready to rock the world.

Pamper Your Eyes with Comfort Zone Products

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While bagging the skin care products, we often ignore eye creams. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and the most sensitive area of the whole body. Ignoring them can result in aging before time. Of course, you cannot allow wrinkles on your beautiful skin. But the fact is that the signs of aging start from eyes only. In order to avoid these complications in the near future, you have to pick the best eye cream around you.

Eye creams are not elite chemical boxes; they are simple moisturizers that are formulated for the sensitive skin around the eyes. The eye creams are lighter than normal face creams, as their ingredients are less concentrated. So, it is recommended to avoid the heavy face creams around your eyes. If you use your face creams around your eyes, then it can cause irritation to the eyes, due to the fragrances, face creams contain.

If you are looking for the best eye cream for wrinkles, then our suggestion will be Comfort Zone’s Scared Nature Eye Cream Gel. This product is a perfect blend of caffeine, buriti oil, butter, orange distilled water, hyaluronic acid, and butterfly bush extract. Caffeine with its draining effect, constrict the muscles and reduces the puffiness around the eyes. It also minimizes the dark circles around the eyes. The other ingredients of this product – ‘Buriti oil’ is a powerful antioxidant. It is even rich in fatty acids that nourish the skin deeply.

Apply a little amount of this product around your eyes twice a day. The effects will be visible within a few days, and your eyes will be free from dark circles, eye bags, and wrinkles. With its enchanting effects, you will end up accepting it as one of the best eye gel. The Comfort Zone products can be bought from Bijou Beauty – A beauty salon in the heart of Walthamstow.

So, include eye care in your daily routine to avoid the signs of aging. Along with this, you should also opt for massage and spa. You must be aware of the fact that stress affects your eyes very much. When you take a massage or opt for a spa, it relaxes your skin and distresses your whole body, leaving you fresh and energetic.

Bijou Beauty offers various excellent massage therapies and salon services at a competitive price. Some of the excellent services of the Saloon are: Wellbeing massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, and hot oil wrap. From time to time you can even avail offers on its services.

With a little care and effort, your skin can remain beautiful, soft, and flawless throughout the life. Just try it once!